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Dr. Robert Haring DDS - Pediatric Dentist

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I took my daughter to Dr. Haring after she had two appointments with my non-pediatric dentist who I feared had given her a lifetime fear of dentists. Not so! Dr. Haring and the staff were so nice to her at her initial visit (we already knew there were cavities in there) and each visit thereafter. Her cleaning and x-rays went very well and then the followup appointments for her cavities went fine. I knew when we went back in the same week for additional fillings that she was unafraid as she never said anything negative about the experience. At the initial visit (cleaning) she got a picture with their huge teddy bear, and a toothbrush and travel toothpaste (my son received mouth-goodies as well, even though he is 1 yr. old and not yet a patient). At each subsequent visit they both received a prize and a sticker. During her fillings she was able to watch cartoons on a ceiling-mounted television, which made the experience delightful for her as well. Thanks to Dr. Haring!

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