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Dr. J Hedrick DDS - Pediatric Dentist

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I have been a patient of Dr. Hedrick from about 3rd grade through my post-college days. I have finally, sadly, been forced to go to an "adult dentist." However, I paid "private pay" for years during college and afterwards, just to have this experience. They are the best in Dallas and I HIGHLY recommend him for young children. The sunglasses they put on your in the chair and the bubble gum flavored flouride and/or laughing gas make for a less-stressful day. If you look around the waiting area, you see some of the most prestigous families in the Dallas area. They could choose any dentist and have selected the best. I am thankful my parents heard about him and took me to the best. Dr. Hedrick and his staff are THE most friendly, professional folks I've ever experienced in a health care setting. The girls always helped and put me at ease. They run an extremely efficient procedure schedule. They have it down to a science in terms of timing and anathesia, etc. I NEVER had any horrible amount of pain, esp. not after the procedure, amazingly! I always felt safe and was confident that these professionals were the best to care for me and my teeth. The orthodontist I went to is now retired, but I have faith in anyone Hedrick recommends.
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