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I have not had good luck with Dr. Smith. He did a filling for me, and when I first went to my 10am appointment, he had me wait an hour, get numbed up, and then he came in and said he was having a busy day and wanted me to come back in a week. Then upon his filling that he did for me, my tooth still hurts after 5 months. I went back to see him, and he said because I received an accrillic filling instead of a silver filling, there is a chance this could happen. He gave me some crest sensative toothpaste (that was 2 years expired) and told me to just wait it out. I have never heard of a dentist like this. Oh, and the worst thing was when I did go back to have him look at the tooth that was still hurting, he walked in and without saying anything just started numbing up the other side of my mouth. He was going to just start doing more fillings, without even looking to see why I came in. I won't ever go back to him again.

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