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I've head so many amazing things about Dr. Bernard Lynch and the way he cares and how trusted he is. Since I was way overdue do for a cleaning (5 years!) I went to Dr.Lynch's office. Pam, the hygienist, did the cleaning -- it actually felt... good??? I know! She was so careful and thorough. Okay, so that's a big check mark for his hygienist. Then Dr. Lynch entered to ensure the cleaning was to his standard and to examine my mouth for consultation. I'm not sure how to say this other than -- when he sat down beside me, it was like magic. I was now in the hands of an expert artist. The way he examined my mouth; his use of his instruments. So gentle and so confident. He cared about my mouth more than I did, but now I have so much more interest and pride in my own oral care. I had not been motivated enough to do anything about a crown that had been bothering me (food getting caught) or crowded teeth that would cause an upper tooth to slightly protrude. I hated that when I looked at pictures, I'd see that tooth. But still was not motivated enough to do anything about it even though it would make a difference. Well, I am beyond excited to have him replace my crown and start Invisalign. I can't believe I was "ok" with how things were. I admire and trust Dr. Lynch and his staff -- they all really care. I feel like I have a team who's committed to me and the longevity of my healthy, happy smile.

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