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Dr. Howard Ngo DDS, FAGD - Dentist

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Fairfax, VA

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Dr. Ngo is excellent. Great dentist and great facilities! On my first appointment, they did a full diagnostic of my mouth as well as a general cleaning. He came up with a list of everything he saw as potential worry spots, made it clear that it was my choice of whether to do each thing or not, and explained what his priority was and why. Probably my favorite things about Dr. Ngo are that he strives to make you as comfortable as possible and that he will explain anything you ask about. For instance, during a cavity filling, I expressed my interest in the procedure and he took the time to take photos throughout, and then explain them to me afterwards.

About Front Desk: Very friendly, professional, and on top of things.

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About Hygienist: Most are very friendly and efficient. One I had seemed new and everything was pretty slow because she wasn't comfortable with the process and/or confident yet?

I know this doctor: months

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