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Dr. David Halmos DR. Advanced Dentistry - Prosthodontist

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Procedure: Anterior implant supported bridge (tooth# 7,8,9, & 10) with implants in tooth #7 and 10. I was referred to Dr. Halmos by my primary care dentist whom I TRUST with all my dental care. He said Dr. Halmos is "sharp" and I completely agree--he does pay attention to detail and that is very important to me specially since work done on me was my four front teeth! So I met with him for consultation. He was very informative and answered all my lenghty questions patiently. He was easy to talk to and had likeable personality. I did see him again for a second time for consultation because at my previous consult, it was decided that I'd be needing bone graft--I was really nervous about this elective procedure. I need more bone for implants to be successfully placed. I felt a lot better after the second consult. I proceeded to undergo bone graft and implants done by the surgeon he works closely with. Finally, my implant supported bridge was constructed by Dr. Halmos. It was a long process but very worth it. The whole time during my treatments, my visits never felt rushed. His office is modern and the front office very friendly and good customer service. They always called me without fail for appointment reminders.

About Hygienist: All in all I would recommend Dr. Halmos and meet with him to get to know him better and see if he's the best fit. I'm glad my doctor search ended with him. I'm a happy patient.

I know this doctor: 1.5 years

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