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Dr. David Halmos DR. Advanced Dentistry - Prosthodontist

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I have had a very uncomfortable bite and ugly teeth since my early 20's. Not only do my teeth look beautiful now but my bite is so improved. Dr. Halmos is maticulus and very personable. I was referred to him by my HOM Kaiser because I had a complicated mouth. I had three implants put in the bottom gums to hold on the denture that Dr. Halmos made. I had changed insurance from Willamette Dental to Kaiser and Dr. Halmos finished up that part of my mouth. Then, I lost a bridge on top left and that's when he did the better bite and crowned two implants replacing and ,making my teeth independent of one another in the front. They had previously been one piece to support one another. I could not floss and if one went - they all went. He made me a new woman and I love my mouth finally after 40 years of dental ups and downs.

About Hygienist: I see Kaiser for this.

I know this doctor: over 3 years I think

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