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Dr. David Halmos DR. Advanced Dentistry - Prosthodontist

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Dr Halmos and staff are very professional, yet friendly and very personable. Dr. Halmos did an extensive workup of my case and gave me several options to correct a cross bite and the associated bone loss and periodontal disease. My choices ranged from pulling all teeth and replacing with dentures (least expensive) to some intermediate corrective options to saving as many teeth as possible and correcting my under developed upper jaw which was the root of the problem (most expensive). I chose to save my teeth and correct the root cause of the problems, so spent about 2-1/2 years in the process. This was a major financial decision since I'm retired and have no dental insurance (up front cash discounts were options for all three doctors). My procedure involved overall planning, coordination and installation of temporary and then permenent bridges (2) and crowns (17) by Dr. Halmos, oral surgeries and implants (by Dr Ueeck) and orthodontics (by Dr. Baker). If I had the opportunity do make the choice again I would do the same thing. Keeping my teeth was a major (vain?) factor in making my decision and I would choose these 3 very professional Doctor's to plan, manage and carry out my case with Dr. Halmos in the lead role.

About Hygienist: My final follow up is in December, 2010 at which time I'll have a thorough hygienic cleaning and establish a cleaning schedule.

I know this doctor: 2-1/2 years

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