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Dr. Roxy Georgescu DDS Twin Dental - Dentist

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7560 Rangewood Dr. Suite #300

Colorado Springs, CO 80920

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I went to two dentists and two MD's over the last year because of pain in my ear, jaw and cheek. The dentists said they could not see anything in my teeth or gums that would cause me this much pain and said I must have a sinus infection. They prescribed antibiotics and I did feel better for awhile. The Doctors said there was no sign of sinus infection but also prescribed antibiotics. DR Roxy did not take that as the answer, even though the problem was not immediately obvious she did not through up her hands and prescribe an antibiotic, she did not stop until she found the problem. During this process she was so compassionate and kind! Once she found the problem she showed me the x-rays and explained them completely and also talked about options and what to expect after the agreed upon the procedure. I am so happy! She is my new dentist. And I will refer her to all of my customers. (I am a hairdresser)

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