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My experience with Dr. Giglio has been phenomenal! My previous dentist suggested I have a front tooth from a failed root canal extracted and replaced with an implant. The option of the extraction and implant, along with the $5,700 estimate, certainly did not thrill me. I wanted more options and contacted Dr. Giglio for a second opinion. Dr. Giglio carefully analyzed my case and explained to me with the patience of a teacher the option of performing an advanced procedure called an apicoectomy. Instead of getting an implant, Dr. Giglio would cut a u-shaped flap into the gum at the top of the tooth’s root, remove the infected bone, insert bone growth matrix, and suture the gum flap closed. I decided to go for it. It has now been two years, the bone has remodeled, and things are looking great! I saved a huge amount of money, but most importantly to me - I have my real tooth instead of an implant. Now in my efforts to achieve the "perfect smile", I am doing Invisalign to straighten my teeth and align my bite. I strongly recommend Dr. Giglio for your dental care!

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