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Dr. Mindy Salzberg-siegel DDS - Dentist

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Clinton Twp, MI

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I left Dr. Salzberg Siegel after many years of treatment. Her practice used to be dental health related and she is in the process of re-inventing herself and more interested in selling secondary services. She and her staff were always pushing to upsell whiting treatments and anti-grinding equipment. She would be degrading to her patients (my family) by not buying into her extended treatments. High turnover of hygienists that used to be there for for a long time. Discussion with hygienists outside the office indicate she would fire the hygienist if they didn't upsell a percentage of the work. She was always attending seminars and using new business practices within her office. Her focus went from being a dentist to being a businesswomen - at the cost of her practice. Too bad she went from a great practice to a office that drives away patients. My new dentist indicated I had no evidence of grinding of my team beyond average wear on my teeth. He also does not agree that whitening treatments were required. My new dentist does no endorse any product other than the ADA recommendation. What a change in philosophy.

I know this doctor: 6 years

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