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Dr. Bindu Kolli DDS Southfork Dental - Dentist

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Irving, TX

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Dr is very unprofessional! She gets onto her employees in front of patients yells at patients on the phone and in person when they do not agree with her. She continues to drill into kids teeth while they are screaming and theyre parents do nothing about it! She doesnt own up to her own mistakes! She refuses to apologize to ANYONE when she makes a mistake but gets upset if they dont apologize to her! She is rude and disrespectful and talks about patients and employees behind their back calling them immature when she herself is immature beyond reasoning! If you are smart and value yourself and your family do not go see Dr Koli! If I could give her less than 1 star you bet I would!!!!!

About Hygienist: Lauren is AMAZING the nicest in the entire staff!

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Duration: 2 hrs

I know this doctor: 6 months

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