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Dr. Kurt Calender DMD - Dentist

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Southlake, TX

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Just a brief review to say how pleased I am with Dr. Calender's services. I went to Dr. C after another dentist did a poor job of installing a crown that caused me a lot of pain. Dr. Calender not only did a terrific job of fixing the other dentist's mistake (the tooth is now pain free), but also worked with my insurance company to see it was covered. My insurance company was not happy about paying to have the tooth fixed a second time, but Dr. Calender's office took the time to write the insurance company explaining, in detail, how the initial repair was flawed and requesting that the work to repair the tooth be honored. The insurance company agreed. I've also found that Dr. Calender has great follow-up care. He routinely checks back with you after any major procedure to see how your recovering. I really can''t recommend him highly enough.

About Hygienist: The hygienists and office staff in the office are top notch. Great operation across the board.

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