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Dr. Darrell Pruitt DDS - Dentist

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I had a horrible experience with previous dentist numbing my gum... in his rush, he hit a nerve and I lost feeling in part of my mouth for TOO LONG! He was very casual about it...time to change dentists! Looked online, and found Dr. Pruitt.. he had great reviews, and I loved the attitude of Dentistry Unhurried! I called and set up an appointment. He was kind & considerate, definitely not in a rush. I had to have a root canal around that time, & having never had one, thought of the old saying "it was like having a root canal, it was so bad!" Well, I'm here to tell you, the root canal was as easy as any other procedure I've had with Dr. Pruitt, never really any PAIN, and always taking whatever time needed to take care of his patients right! His prices are reasonable, and his facilities are not "like a spa", but are professional. And I like the personal touch of his drawings on display! I'm thankful for finding Dr. Pruitt to care for my husband & I, and I appreciate ALL of the great staff he has. It means a LOT to have someone who truly cares about their patients. Thank you, Dr. Pruitt!

I know this doctor: We have gone to Dr. Pruitt for around 7 years, I believe.

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