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Dr. John Lapetina DDS - Dentist

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(Due to new insurance) For the first time since I was in Kindergarten, I went to a dentist other than Dr. Lapetina this week. I never realized just how good I had it. For the first 23 years of my life, I never understood why people were so afraid of the dentist. But I get it now. I had been spoiled all those years. Dr. Lapetina is extremely friendly and laid back. When you sit in his office, you feel like you're at a beach cook out with an old friend. He's funny and considerate and really makes his patients comfortable. He tells you when something might hurt, but then his gentle touch will make you wonder how much of a wimp he really thinks you are. He cares about his patients. From their teeth to their comfort level to their happiness...he cares. Also, something should be said about his wonderful staff. They're all so kind and welcoming. They easily mix fun with professionalism, and they're extremely efficient. I never had a problem with scheduling or billing. If your insurance allows it, go to Dr. Lapetina. They'll take care of you and going to the dentist will never again be something you dread.

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