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My family and I have been going to this office for about 7 years. We loved the kindness and professionalism of Dr. Cocolis and his staff. Most importantly, we trusted them and when my husband changed jobs we asked them which insurance company we should go with to ensure they were preferred providers. We listened to them and were completely happy for another year. Then, much to our dismay, they dropped this insurance company, yet we continued to pay out of pocket due to our loyalty, trust, and confidence in Dr. C and his staff. Each office visit began to add up with extra procedures and we ultimately and hesitantly had to seek another provider. We were told by Dr. C my 17 year old required 4 cavities filled, the last visit he had 2. Our new dentist told us he did not have any, just some staining. We were also told by Dr. C my 13 year old required 8 sealants. Our new dentist recommended none due to no pits and smooth surfaces. BEWARE, there is a reason they are all so nice!

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