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Dr. Peter Cocolis DMD Peter K. Cocolis, Jr., DMD & Associates - Dentist

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I have known Dr. Cocolis (and his team) for years and am giving them my highest recommendation not only as a dentist, but medical provider. He has personally taken care of myself, my father and our son on three separate emergency situations as well as all of our regular dental needs. In fact, it was when I was injured and my dentist office told me they'd see me on Monday, and Dr. Cocolis' response was 'meet me in my office in 10 minutes' that he won us over. Dr. C unfailingly conducts thorough examinations, offers clear descriptions of what he has found and the treatment options and alternatives, thus empowering patients to make the right decisions for themselves. And his ability to deal with pediatric patients and put them at ease is second to none.

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