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Dr. Philip Blythe DDS - Dentist

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Virginia Beach, VA

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Dr Blythhe is always trying to give bang for the buck. He will find the least expensive way to fix your dental problems. When I was in college he filled a cavity for me. He told me at the time he didn't know if it would hold but it was a lot cheaper than doing a crown so he said "lets try it and see if it will hold. " It lasted 26 years until I had to have the crown. This is just one example of several that I could quote. He has also saved me a lot of money and time by correcting problems that many dentiist would send you to a specialist to fix. Dr Blythe is also very entertaining with his great sense of humor. He has had the same dental technician and one hygienist for as long as I have been going to him.

About Front Desk: The staff at Dr Blythe's office are always friendly, curteous, and efficient.

About Hygienist: 5 stars for Becky.

Hygiene time: 20

I know this doctor: 29 years

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