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Dr. Brian Schaefer DDS - Dentist

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Suamico, WI

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Dr. Schaefer and his partner Jill are some of the most condescending and rude people, I've ever encountered. He always seems like he's way too rushed to deal with patients. Although I will say he probably is not like this with male buddy patients, but definitely with women. His partner (Jill) completely botched my root canal (professional opinion after going to root canal specialist) but all that was done to fix it was deny deny deny. I'm pretty sure he filled cavities I didn't have (not cheap). His staff is also very incompetent- which I think only adds to his anger when performing dental procedures- not the patients fault, don't take it out on patients.

About Front Desk: The only friendly person in the place, but still not on top of her game all the time.

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