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Dr. Deborah Finegold DDS - Oral Surgeon

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I went in for my first time at finegolds office and made an appt with finegold to have my wisdom teeth extracted. I'm and a very anxious person. When I was called back mark Kao was the one who came in to do the procedure. First red flag.He looked in my mouth and asked if I wanted all 3 wisdom teeth when infact I had 4 that needed removed. Second red flag. Then he sadated me and did the procedure. I was sent home. Two weeks later I went back because a bone fragment was left stabbing my gum. He told me to just put gum there and let it heal. Come back in a week if it still persists. Third red flag....lastly I go back with same problem and he numbs my mouth so hard and fast that I was crying and squirming in my chair. He put in goze to let numbness occur and when removed it was full of blood. He was rough and not sympathetic of my well-being. I will never go back and do not recommed him to anyone. And lastly their billing dept sucks. They don't have their stuff straight.

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