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Dr. Deborah Finegold DDS - Oral Surgeon

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Selma, CA

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Be sure to know what medications you can and cannot take. This office was ready to prescribe an antibiotic that I am allergic to. The Doctor felt that this was better for me than the one antibiotic that I can take. Amazing that they could not consult the chart. Very wishy washy on procedures and how they perform them. After 2 months of waiting for approval, because I would not take the antibiotic that they wanted me to take the I was allergic to, they dropped me and told me I need to go to a hospital to have my teeth extracted. Be VERY aware of what antibiotics you can take. Be prepared to do what the doctors wants regardless of the medications that he feels will do the job.

About Front Desk: Very inattentive, communication skills nonexistent. Rude, do not communicate with doctor. Told three different office staff I was very hard of hearing. When I kept asking the doctor to repeat himself he took an attitude. When I explained to him I was deaf, he reply was that I should have told someone. Communication very poor between doctors and staff.

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