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Dr. Willie Stephens DMD - Oral Surgeon

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I only found out about this blog recently. 3 weeks before a Laforte Procedure 4 years ago he informed me I had to pay 16,000$ cash for plastic surgery attention to jaw at time of surgery not covered by Blue Cross. Completely ignored my calling him about a screw he placed at time of surgery working it's way out of place leaving a fistula within 3 weeks post-op. Although I called several times, didn't even personally speak to me but relayed message through his office staff. Officer manager told me he said "It's not my work" and telling me to contact my orthodontist. 4 weeks latter with massive oral infection I ended up going into SIRS during surgery for infection. There are numerous oral surgeons at world class hospitals in Boston who have teams required to perform this intricate surgery. When I think of how I let this man perform solo (with only aid of a NP) an 8 hour surgery on my jaw (not to mention I was well out of age of group standard for this surgery) I have only myself to blame. Dante had read a sign over gate as he descended into inferno. You would do well to read it also.

About Front Desk: Hired by Dr. Stephens, using his judgement. Do I have to say more. First his medical nurse assistant had a relationship with him I found (only an opinion) odd to say the least. His office manager can only be said to run flak for him.

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