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Dr. Willie Stephens DMD - Oral Surgeon

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Brookline, MA

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Extraordinarily competant oral surgeon. Dr. Stephens has to be one of the most experienced and skillful oral surgeons in New England, someone capable of competantly handling the most complex and difficult oral surgeries. Dr. Stephens spent years on the staff of MGH. That training and experience translates into an ability to make fast accurate diagnoses, to perform procedures successfully the first without complications, unnecessary pain or wasted time. In my case, Dr. Stephens has performed two dental implants and extracted three teeth over the course of a decade. Never had any complications nor any need for remedial work. Compared to the nightmares I had prevoious been put through with other oral surgeons (all of whom had impecable qualifications), Dr. Stephen's unflinching competance was a godsend! Dr. Stephens is also a nice, laid back guy with an easy manner. I would recommend Dr. Stephens to anyone needing competant oral surgery. Hard for me to imagine that anyone more skillful actually exists.

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