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Smiling Patient likes Dr. Eric Scheyer on May 30, 2015, 12:29 p.m.
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Review 1 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Doctor Scheyer is very professional, he has particiated in many social work. He did excellent treatment on my periodonics. I was sedated when preforming the surgery, and the whole process lasts about 4 hours. After the surgery, I went back to my general dentist, he thinks Dr Scheyer's work is excellent!

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I needed to have a cyst removed and bone graft implanted for one tooth, and I needed my gum trimmed above another. He was the second periodontist I have been to, and gave me the best price (gum trimming for free--it's usually an $800 procedure). He was very nice, as is his staff. They explained everything to me in detail and were very helpful when I called with more questions and scheduling issues. Even though they don't usually file on medical insurance (usually dental), they took care of everything for me. I was nervous before my surgery, and one of the assistants chatted with me to help me relax. For my first folIow up visit, everyone who was part of my surgery stopped in to check on me while I waited for Dr. Scheyer. I couldn't have asked for a better periodontist or staff. I put this facility as the best (like a health spa), but the system wouldn't let me put extemely cheap and like a health spa--must be a glitch. But it really is very nice and inexpensive.
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