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Review 1 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr. Bernard Schwartz and Associates invited me to an Invisalign Open House. Wow, I really learned how Dr. Bernie, Dr. Lisa and Dr. Matt can computer image my teeth and then make aligners that will take care of my crowded teeth with braces. Also, they can show me this outcome of my new straight teeth before I get started. These doctors gave me all the info needed to get orthodontics at a very fair price and I will be done in less than a year. Thank you Dr. Bernard Schwartz and Associates for showing me the "Wonderful World of Invisalign". I set up an appointment for my work up and look forward to seeing my teeth on the computer. The doctors called this a Clincheck. Dentistry has really become advanced at this office.

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Review 2 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
I've been seeing Dr. Schwartz since I was a child, and he and his staff have always been extremely friendly and professional. I've had dozens of check-ups and cleanings, and two cavities filled with no problems whatsoever. There is a TV in each exam room, providing welcome distraction. Most of all, he has always treated me like family, chatting about my life, and even sharing articles he clipped about my high school sports teams from the local newspaper! You couldn't find a better dentist.
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Review 3 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr. Schwartz is great. I have been going there for years. It is a beautiful office. They are very friendly and very accommodating. There are two new doctors there so they can get you in whenever you need. The work that is done is also excellent. I had a very pleasant experience and recommend them to everyone.
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Review 4 by Stars: 4.5 on Link
Dr. Schwartz performed two procedures to correct a dental problem I've had for many years. He and his staff were extremely courteous and compassionate. In addition the outcome was excellent. I would like to make special mention of his assistant, Karen, who was very kind, patient and understanding during both of my procedures. Thanks for the great service. Frank
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Review 5 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
There is a reason why I have been with Dr. Schwartz for over 20 years, he is just great. I have had extensive work done on my mouth over the years and he has helped me deal with these problems with the least amount of pain both physical and monatary. I recommend Dr. Schwarts to all my friends and family.
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Review 6 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Very cheerful, down to earth guy, a nice person. Takes the time to explain procedures and options fully. Never a problem with any of his work. If you just wiggle a little he stops and asks if you are feeling any pain. I've been a patient 6 years and the best recommendation I can give is that I've never even considered changing.
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Review 7 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr. Schwartz's office has a very relaxed, warm enviornment! I had a tooth ache which made me very nerves! Within an hour of my call to Dr. Schwartz's office I was in the chair. He handed me a remote control to watch tv while he developed the xray of my bad tooth and had me out of pain within a few hours. His staff explained my options and I decided to have a root canal. No problem! I will come in for a regular check up and get everything fixed now that I have a Dental Office I can trust. Thank you Dr. Schwartz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Review 8 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
I am in a unique position because I was never actually a patient of Dr. S but shadowed him as a pre-dental student. I have been into his office four times this summer and hope to continue watching. Having seen multiple dentists in action (including my own) I can say without hesitation that Dr. S is the best in the business. He is a leader rather than a follower. Every aspect of his office is well thought out from the rear delivery system to the continued use of amalgam. But easily the best part of his practice is the knowledge that he and his assitants share with the patients. He confidently and thoroughly explains every procedure he does (and not just because I am in the room watching) and then double checks his work. I know that my personal dentist never rechecks my bite or asks me to feel my tooth with my tongue to see if the tooth feels the same. Dr. S does these little things, and that makes all the difference. The assitants and hygenists are also the friendliest and most knowledgable assitants that I have met.
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Review 9 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
I am the biggest baby you have ever seen when it comes to having my teeth worked on! Throughout my life I hated going to the dentist because of the pain and the lack of sympathy from the doctors and their office wokers. They always seemed to be rough. Because of this, over the years I got behind on my check-ups and cleaning appointments. This all changed when I was introduced to Dr. Schwartz! He changed my life! He could see that I was very nervous as I was sitting in the dental chair. I told him I hated the needle part. He took the extra time to talk to me about my fears. Over time he eventually erased most of my fears. He explained how there were new methods of making the needle painless. He said there might be a pinch but it wouldn't be the pain I experienced in the past with other doctors. And you know what? He was right! I made a few more appointments for fillings and a cleanings. By the last appointment I was actually calm and relaxed! Dr. Schwartz and his support staff are the best I have ever seen. And that's coming from me, the biggest baby in the world! Sincerely, Mr. Kelly Dunn CEO - Top of Troy Computer Services, Inc.
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Review 10 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Wow, I had no idea that a dental office could be so informative, caring and stress free. I called Dr. Schwartz's office because I was interested in Invisalign and Whiter teeth. From the front desk to the treatment room, everyone in the office answered all my questions and concerns. When I started my cosmetic treatment I had an hour appointment and got to see my favorite movie (When Harry met Sally) while Dr. Schwartz bonded my Invisalign attachment and gave me instructions on my Aligners. I LOVE this office. Everyone is the new updated office took care of me. Dr. Schwartz is now located at 1000 West University, Suite 316, Rochester. Wow, TV in the treatment rooms. This office is the BEST!
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