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Dr. Bernard Schwartz DDS - Dentist

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Rochester, MI

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I am in a unique position because I was never actually a patient of Dr. S but shadowed him as a pre-dental student. I have been into his office four times this summer and hope to continue watching. Having seen multiple dentists in action (including my own) I can say without hesitation that Dr. S is the best in the business. He is a leader rather than a follower. Every aspect of his office is well thought out from the rear delivery system to the continued use of amalgam. But easily the best part of his practice is the knowledge that he and his assitants share with the patients. He confidently and thoroughly explains every procedure he does (and not just because I am in the room watching) and then double checks his work. I know that my personal dentist never rechecks my bite or asks me to feel my tooth with my tongue to see if the tooth feels the same. Dr. S does these little things, and that makes all the difference. The assitants and hygenists are also the friendliest and most knowledgable assitants that I have met.
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