Dr. Gholam Zakhireh DMD - Oral Surgeon

297 reviews Rating

Webster, TX (281) 338-7700 Call

"Had examination, taken to the office to discuss fees before surgery since I had no insurance. Fees were very reasonable, forthcoming and I had the chance to leave if I did not think the fees were acceptable. There was no pressure to do anything. I had surgery that was successful. I had no pain, no swelling and a little bleeding ..."

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Dr. David Dennison DDS - Periodontist

20 reviews Rating

Houston, TX (713) 523-9040 Call

"It's great to know there are dentist who care! Dr. Dennison completed cosmetic crown lengthening for me- I love the results! Initially I was overwhelmed with the decision to have treatment- my procedure was elective- I was very nervous making the decision to have treatment that I didn't need for health reasons. I had a previous consultation for the procedure ..."

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Dr. Ramzey Helal DDS - Dentist

11 reviews Rating

Sugar Land, TX

"This place is great, friendly staff, great service. They always do their best to make you feel comfortable knowing that the dentists is the LAST place most people want to be. Dr. Helal and his staff are so professional and ..."

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Dr. Hamid Atabakhsh DOCTOR - Periodontist

4 reviews Rating

Spring, TX

"He is so nice. Very professional. I still go to him. I am afraid of needles. He helped me to relax. He is very competent. You will just see that in him. He gave me implants and a bridge. I ..."

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Dr. John Freeman DDS - Oral Surgeon

9 reviews Rating

Katy, TX

"We came for consult and surgery same day. Insurance information was given weeks prior to appointment. Was not informed they are out of network. Staff was very rude and after coordinating our other six kids and scheduling related to holidays, ..."

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Dr. Steve Koo DDS - Oral Surgeon

16 reviews Rating

Houston, TX 7137835560 Call

"My wisdom teeth extraction has been extremely successful! Not only the procedure was done in a very short amount of time, but the recovery has been super easy! I haven't swollen much in my face and things has gone smoothly. Friendly staff and extremely knowledgeable doctors has helped big time. Couldn't ask for anything more!"

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Dr. Patrick Nicosia DDS - Periodontist

3 reviews Rating

Houston, TX

"I was with not lower back teeth for more than 10 years. I thought I was not going to see my mouth full with teeth again until my dentist recommended Dr. Nicosia. By far, Dr. Nicosia is not just an ..."

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Dr. Jean Morency DMD - Dentist

22 reviews Rating

Houston, TX (832) 862-1111 Call

"I am a dentist. Yes, we also need to seek dental treatment on a regular basis. Dr. Morency has been my dentist for over 25 years and will continue to be. He does fantastic work and is a very personable doctor as well. However, he is only able to do his work because he has a fantastic staff. They are ..."

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Dr. Wayne Brueggen DDS - Dentist

5 reviews Rating

Houston, TX

"Dr. Brueggen did an amazing job. I was extremely frightened about getting implants but his staff helped to put me at ease. Dr. Brueggen had a very calming nature about him and my surgery went extremely well. I'm on my ..."

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Dr. Matthew Gemp DDS - Prosthodontist

4 reviews Rating

Houston, TX

"This man is the most talented dental professional I have ever encountered in my 54 yrs, & I have had many. His crown prices are cheaper than any dentist. He is the 1st dentist that has NEVER tried to upsell ..."

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