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Dr. Donna Barefield DDS, MSD - Pediatric Dentist

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My son is very nervous about any type of doctor. The child size playhouse built into the wall in her waiting room, complete with stairs and windows to look out at mom or dad left him overjoyed. He had a ball playing and was quite relaxed with the staff when he was called back since he already felt that this doctor understood the importance of play. The appointment went exceptionally well. The staff was caring, gentle and very understanding. They were able to get my son to do just what they needed him to for them to do the exam with little effort. He was nervous but the entire staff helped him feel at ease. (My son usually clamps his mouth shut if you are even able to get him into the chair, therefore this was a welcome change for them to have him be so willing to let them complete his exam.) He still talks about how much he enjoyed the visit and is still telling me about all the important reasons for tooth care!!!
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