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Dr. John Burdine DDS - Periodontist

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Houston, TX

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This guy is incredibly talented. He is worth every penny. His staff is pleasant, efficient, and smart. Hard to believe I actually look forward to gum surgery. . . Do what he tells you to do and you will heal up well and it will be beautiful. My treatment has been successful, but I follow all his advice to the "t", which you must do if you want good results. I have several more gum surgeries to go and would never think of going somewhere else. He gives you all the info on your condition, options for treatment and costs. I pay as I go (I did get some ins. reimbursement), so I have spaced the treatments out as we are able to afford them. Highly recommended. Also, you should go see a periodontist early (I think all adults over 30 could use at least one periodontist exam. If there are problems starting, they can fix it early and then you won't need all this gum surgery like I have to have!)

About Hygienist: Wonderful. The office staff are all fantastic.

I know this doctor: Approx. 1.5 years

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