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Dr. Brian Smith DDS - Orthodontist

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Due to a childhood accident, I had a very involved surgery that included replacing both jaw joints & reconstructing my face. Very few orthodontists had the skills necessary to deal with such an involved case (and most wouldn't touch me). Dr. Smith worked closely with my surgeon in Dallas to make sure that my braces moved my teeth to where they needed to be after surgery and then finished any tweaking after surgery. After the removal of my braces he made sure the retainers I'll wear for the rest of my life worked properly & kept my teeth aligned. I never had to wait more than a few minutes and the entire staff was always nice and attentive. Dr. Smith is very good at what he does, and he goes out of his way to make sure that his patients are comfortable and informed. He even met with my surgeon on his own time on several occasions to make sure that they were on the same page & giving me the best care possible. And the cost was less than I expected for a job as involved as mine. I highly recommend Dr. Smith! He was awesome, and he also happens to be a really nice guy!

About Front Desk: Always pleasant and always remembered who I was. They even asked me questions about things going on in my life. I was always impressed that they remembered personal information and cared enough to inquire. Also - this site wouldn't let me give the facilities a 4 star rating, but they were very nice & I'd give them 4 stars if I could :)

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