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Dr. Joanna Davis DDS - Endodontist

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Round Rock, TX

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I worked for Dr. Davis for 4 years, and although I left on not great terms (nothing to do with Dr. Davis' abilities or person), I can still honestly highly, highly recommend her for endodontic treatment of any kind. Not once in 4 years of assisting her with at least 5 patients a day, did Dr. Davis ever "cut a corner", not even when she could have. She insisted we saw every emergency patient that called our office, the same day they called. She gave the emergency patients the same care and treatment she gave all her patients. Sometimes, if it was the right song playing and she was in her groove, she would sing along. Most patients really liked that. Most of Dr. Davis' root canals are done same day, I'd say about 95%, and a vast majority within an hour and without any complaints from the patient. Dr. Davis is an extremely talented dentist, I highly recommend her services to any patient.

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