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Dr. Don Davis DDS - Dentist

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Austin, TX

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Dr. Davis is an EXCELLENT dentist but is as arrogant as he can be! Just make sure you do not need payment arrangements other than the ones they offer you because they will NOT work with you and he won't have much to say to you at all once he realizes you can't agree to the terms that THEY present to you. I had my teeth cleaned. Once the hygienist finished and it was time to see the Dr. he came in. She told him I had the same issues as before and I told him I needed extended arrangements. Afterall I've been a patient for AT LEAST years and do not owe them a penny. He grunted and got up and left. Didn't say have a great day, it was good seeing you, or go jump off a cliff. I didn't even realize he wasn't coming back into the treatment room because he NEVER even said goodbye or good luck. I AM SO VERY DONE WITH THIS YUPPIE BUPPIE DENTIST! The Office staff is the BEST and the Hygienist was THE very skilled and AWESOME!

About Hygienist: The Hygienist is FANTASTIC!

I know this doctor: 10 years

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