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My son was 4, by no means is he an anxious kid, he just didn't care for the cleaning process. He had a cavity, Dr. Steele recommended sedation plus nitrous oxide. I said ok, when I took him in they would NOT let me stay in the room, I was asked to go wait in the lobby and have some coffee. I didn't like that they sedated him as well as give him nitrous oxide. The procedure was fine, my son did great. 6 months later my son had another cavity. Again Dr. Steele recommended sedation, this time I said no. I had several people from the office give me a call basically stating that they would NOT do the procedure because I didn't want him sedated. I told them I would feel more comfortable if they explained the procedure to him instead of sedating. They kept saying he was squirmy and those were the Dr. Steele's recommnedations. Never once did Dr. Steele herself call. I felt extremely uncomfortable at this point and cancelled. We used to drive all the way from Plano! I ended up taking my son to a dentist in Plano! I told them No SEDATION!!! They were great, explained everything to him. I was able to stay in the room where they only gave nitrous oxide! Nitrous knocked him out anyway. To say the least, I felt so scammed by Dr. Steele! :(

About Front Desk: Debbie is extremely nice, but if you speak with someone other than Debbie your appointment may not be entered correctly. Since Debbie does everything, you may have to leave a message with someone to have Debbie call you back and sometimes she never received the message so I would have to call back in. It was a hassle at times.

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