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Dr. Dana Caledonia DDS - Dentist

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Houston, TX

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He is very nice and thorough. while my sister is having her teeth cleaned, he takes me back and exams my mouth before the hygienist comes in. His assistants Nicole and Lisa are great and so is the hygienist., Arlene. His office now has digital x-rays which i like.

About Hygienist: Arlene is a GREAT hygienist. When she first comes into the room she introduces herself and calms your nerves immediately. She does not skimp on infection control, she always wears Latex gloves and a mask, if there is not a mask in the room and will go grab one from the back instead of not wearing one. She does not wear safety glasses, but gloves and a mask are good enough for me. She then leans you back and begins her very thorough, yet gentle cleaning. while cleaning she talks to you in her very soft and calming voice, She takes her time and uses an ultrasonic scaler and an electric polisher. She then floss you or scales under permanent retainers. My teeth always feel very good and clean afterwards. She is very relaxed and does not care if you take new or used gloves.

I know this doctor: 4 years

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