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Dr. Patrick Swonke DDS - Dentist

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Spring, TX

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Patrick Swonke DDS is the best dentist I have ever been to! I had never feared the dentist until I went to one in about 2008 when I needed a crown replaced. This dentist was extremely painful with their injections and could not get me numb enough to do procedures without me feeling some discomfort. In addition, the new crown did not fit properly and I ended up having to have a root canal and yet another new crown. Enter Dr. Swonke. I had a cleaning and was told I needed to have one of my fillings replaced and a crown. I, with great trepidation, scheduled for my filling replacement. I showed up for my appt. very nervous due to my prior experiences. Dr. Swonke truly is the pain free dentist!! The ONLY thing I felt through the entire procedure was a slight sting and that was it! From beginning of numbing to being finished with the filling was 25 minutes and it's been great!! I highly recommend Dr. Patrick Swonke!!
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