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Dr. Kevin Burke DDS - Dentist

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Kingwood, TX

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I have spent my life deathly afraid of going to the dentist!! Growing up, horrible experiences of the most painful procedures, worse then giving birth, were all I ever had. Even cleanings sent me into tears, so I avoided them. After a trip to Dr. Burke, I had a revelation. Now images of tranquility, ease satisfaction and greatest of all NO PAIN are all that I envision. I no longer have any fear, none the slightest, when going to Dr. Burke. My young son, who has had work done, besides just cleanings, feels the same way. We never imagined a dentist that could give an injection and the patient would never know it!! But, it's true. Dr. Burke has been a miracle to us. I would cry, even as a young adult, about x-rays. I was that terrified, but no more. He is the most gentle and gracious dentist I have ever met. And believe me I've tried them all... I now go with ease, confidence and a feeling of trust. I will sing his praise to anyone wanting to know about his practice. I have referred others that I've known to have the same scared and intense feelings, just to have them call me and thank me for finding them a dentist who they can also trust and call their own. I once had to have my husband or parents go with me, now I can go alone.
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