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The front teeth fillings I received from this dentist are very high quality cosmetically. As impressed as I am with his work, I have no desire to visit him again because of his rude and judgmental demeanor. To quote, he told me that there was "no excuse" for the condition of my teeth, and, after having to inject more local anesthetic into my gums during a procedure, said that I needed extra anesthetic "because of all the caffeine in the sodas [I] drink." I don't drink soda that often-- my teeth are in bad shape because of an enamel issue resulting from childhood orthodontics! And in the case of the 'failed' anesthetic, I'm pretty sure he just missed the nerve that led to the tooth, as the rest of my face was numb for hours afterwards. In any case, I don't think it's the dentist's responsibility to deem my dental health 'inexcusable' while I'm forking over $$$ for a procedure. Maybe he was just having a terrible day or something, but there's no need to abuse your patients like that. Even the hygienist seemed embarrassed by his accusatory manner and tried to smooth things over to the best of her ability.

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