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Dr. James Widner DDS Widner & Alford OMS - Oral Surgeon

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AVOID. Dr. Widner is a good doc and very professional but his staff is so painfully inept that you'll find yourself spending time and money because of their mistakes. I tried to get a surgery done there and in 3 separate instances they completely botched my treatment schedule. 1) My first appoint there was in October. I needed a predetermination from the insurance company, which involved them submitting a form to my insurance. They told me it should take 2 weeks. Dr. Widner’s office submitted the forms late. This process that they said would take 2 weeks took 3 months. 2) When I needed to go get a scan at a radiologist, they messed up the order form, leading me to have to get another scan. They refused to take responsibility for their mistake and instead tried to blame it on me, leading me to have to pay twice for the scan because they messed up on the first one and I didn't get what I needed. 3) Dr. Widner recommended I get a second opinion at a hospital 100 miles away (in San Antonio). I made an appointment using the referral form that they gave me. They referred me to the wrong doctor! In conclusion, if you want an easy experience where you don’t have to spend countless hours on hold and spend extra money...DON'T GO HERE!

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