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Review 1 by Stars: 4.0 on Link
I would avoid this office based on their customer service (or more accurately lack there of) at the front desk and with insurance issues. Its a shame because my children like Dr. Singletary but the transition to the new office has been nothing less than disorganized chaos. The receptionist and front office lose paperwork and then say its because they are too busy and you (as the customer) will just have to do all the forms again or contact your insurance. There are more customer oriented practices in the area.

I know this doctor: 3 yrs

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Review 2 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr. Pam has been treating all three of my children for the last ~7 years. She is awesome. She has had to do extensive work on one of my kids, and every time she calls our home at night to check on my daughter. That's awesome bed side manner! I have never been more impressed or pleased with a dentist or doctor for that matter. She is caring, sensistive and very, very child oriented. She knows how to handle and treat children to put them at ease during appts. My kids will use Dr. Pam until they are too old to see her. I refer anyone I know with kids to Dr. Pam.
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Review 3 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
She is very nice and professional. We have had a long wait a couple of times, but she makes up for it in service and the waiting area has lots of games, and distractions. My daughter (age 7)who had a tooth extracted today says she makes it fun and easy.
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Review 4 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr. Singletary made my daughter love the dentist. The whole office is awesome!
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Review 5 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
We travel all the way from Houston (2.5 hrs!) to see Dr. Singletary a couple of times a year. My sister (who lives in Austin) recommended her and she is wonderful. My son had very poor enamel and required more fillings/caps than you could ever imagine during the first 10 years of his life, and Dr. Singletary took care of him as if he was her own son. I guess they became so close after so much time together! We went through a lot of pain and suffering with my son's condition and Dr. Singletary was with us every step of the way. She's full of energy, she's caring and she's one of the most positive people you'll ever meet. She is very busy, however, and due to the long distance and difficulty we have in travelling to Austin each time our children need to see her, we are reluctantly looking for a pediatric dentist closer to home in Houston. I don't think we'll ever find anyone as good as Dr. Singletary and she will always hold a special place in our hearts for how kindly she handled my son. If you live in Austin, consider yourself blessed!
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Review 6 by Stars: 2.5 on Link
The office is very clean, staff nice; as a parent, I was allowed to be with my daughter (a must for me) through all treatment. I was very pleased until our last visit. I was told my daughter needed to have a primary tooth pulled - Dr Singletary told me they would take an xray to see if the permanent tooth was there just before pulling it? She didn't have time to answer my questions about it (as in, what if there wasn't a permanent tooth there?), also did not address my questions about her discolored permanent teeth. I was very disappointed with how we were treated on our last visit & am looking for another dentist.
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Review 7 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Both my daughters are patients of Dr. Singletary and both like going to see her. They have had cleanings and the older one has had sealants applied to her molars. The office is nice with video games and other toys in the waiting area. All of the staff is nice with kids and makes them at ease. This dentist was recommended by our pediatrician as being really good, and though she is expensive (our dental insurance only seems to cover about 80% of what she charges) she has the kids comfortable with going to the dentist and so is certainly worthwhile.
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Review 8 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
very kid-friendly, patient and gentle. attempts to put kids at ease. my 3-year old son was very uncoopertative, but she gently persisted and finally succeeded in cleaning his teeth.
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Review 9 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
My son had to have caps put on his teeth because he has very weak enamel. He was 18 months old at the time and due to the nature of all that had to be done; his procedures were done at Brackenridge Children's Hospital. Dr. Singletary did a beautiful with his teeth. She also did a wonderful job putting me at ease. He is now five and I considered changing him over to the dentist that I use, it is a little more convenient and I would save a little money. When I learned that it is my dentist policy not to allow parents in the room while treating children, I decided not to make the change. Dr. Singletary and her entire staff have a way of making you feel like you and your child are the V.I.P of the day! The treatment, medically and emotionally that he gets from the staff at Dr. Singletary's office far outweighs any anxiety he might suffer or any money I might save. If you are looking for a GREAT pediatric dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Singletary and her staff!
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Review 10 by Stars: 4.0 on Link
She is wonderful with children. The entire staff stress the importance of hygiene without being shamful to the kids. My two boys enjoy going to the dentist. I wish they would accept my insurance, though.
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