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Dr. Pamela Singletary DDS - Dentist

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My son had to have caps put on his teeth because he has very weak enamel. He was 18 months old at the time and due to the nature of all that had to be done; his procedures were done at Brackenridge Children's Hospital. Dr. Singletary did a beautiful with his teeth. She also did a wonderful job putting me at ease. He is now five and I considered changing him over to the dentist that I use, it is a little more convenient and I would save a little money. When I learned that it is my dentist policy not to allow parents in the room while treating children, I decided not to make the change. Dr. Singletary and her entire staff have a way of making you feel like you and your child are the V.I.P of the day! The treatment, medically and emotionally that he gets from the staff at Dr. Singletary's office far outweighs any anxiety he might suffer or any money I might save. If you are looking for a GREAT pediatric dentist, I highly recommend Dr. Singletary and her staff!
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