Cosmetic Dentist Washington DC DC Rankings and Reviews

Dr. Aramesh Darvishian DDS - Dentist

71 reviews Rating

Reston, VA 703-955-4440 Call

"July 13, 2021 - I came here 2 years ago to get a crown fixed, and the outcome was fantastic. A year ago Dr. Davishian and I discussed how to fix a gap that I have in my teeth due to a bad crown that resulted in a full tooth removal from 2015. (This was done in AZ and was ..."

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Dr. Bernard Greenbaum DDS - Dentist

5 reviews Rating

Bethesda, MD

"Dr. Greenbaum is a nice guy and a good dentist who took the time to make sure I understood what he was going to do in placing a Maryland bridge for a single lower incisor. It looks great! Cost was ..."

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Dr. Patrick Howard DDS - Dentist

3 reviews Rating

Washington, DC

"I recently moved here from NYC and was looking for a good Dentist. I went to Dr Howard to replace some crowns and was extremely happy with his work. He is truly skilled at his profession and I wasn't surprised ..."

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Dr. Vladimir Soyfer DDS - Dentist

12 reviews Rating

Fairfax, VA

"Excellent clinician. Extremely compassionate with clients, and truly cares about the client's health and well-being. Highly skilled dentist/oral surgeon. Highly recommend."

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Dr. Leonard Jones DDS - Dentist

11 reviews Rating

Burke, VA

"I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Jones. He is simply the best. He is an excellent, down-to-earth, practical dentist and an honest and ethical man. He never recommends unnecessary procedures and instead focuses on preventive dentistry. I trust that if Dr. Jones ..."

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Dr. Jay Samuels DDS - Dentist

10 reviews Rating

Rockville, MD

"Dr. Samuels is not only an exceptional dentist, he has the most wonderful "bedside manner." He is personable and friendly, loves a good conversation but never wastes time with long-winded stories, and always makes it seem as if you you ..."

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Dr. Charles Miks DDS - Dentist

10 reviews Rating

Falls Church, VA

"Dr Miks is a true dental craftsman. Meticulous, precise, concerned about long term durability of all his procedures."

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Dr. Isam Estwani DR. - Dentist

8 reviews Rating

Herndon, VA

"Dr Estwani is one of the finest dentist in the DMV area. We have been going to him for past 15 years now. His pricing is very reasonable and office is equipped with all modern state of the art equipments. ..."

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Dr. Clementina Perez-West DDS - Dentist

6 reviews Rating

Rockville, MD

"I am so sorry I have to leave this dentist. Problem is, she is not in my insurance network and it is costing me too much. If I could afford to, I would stay with her forever!"

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Dr. Hugo Bonilla DR. - Prosthodontist

4 reviews Rating

Annandale, DC

"Initially, treatment went well, but he was never able to get the crowns right. I was hopeful because of the great reviews, but he is evidently limited to simple cases, and cannot handle more complex cases."

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