Cosmetic Dentist VA Rankings and Reviews

Dr. Aramesh Darvishian DDS - Dentist

70 reviews Rating

Reston, VA 703-955-4440 Call

"Overall my experience getting Invisalign with Perfect Smiles was a pleasant one. I completed my invisalign trays in approximately. Lots of office visits, several brackets fell off throughout the years so more office visits (luckily all visits were free after paying in full up front). I had a difficult case, so I’m not surprised it took a long time. We ..."

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Dr. Medhat Ghannam DDS, FICOI - Dentist

56 reviews Rating

Burke, VA (703) 455-7770 Call

"Dr. Ghannam has been my dentist for 5 yrs. and he is awesome. I never thought I would hear myself say these words ...I am no longer scared to death to walk in the door. Dr. Ghannam makes sure I am not in any discomfort on a continuous basis. He has been restoring my teeth for the past 2+ years. ..."

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Dr. Michael Sagman DDS - Dentist

4 reviews Rating

Newport News, VA

"Dr. Sagman and his team have done outstanding work for over 25 years with my denistry. Even though I have moved away from the Newport News area I return twice a year for checkups because of the work and level ..."

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Dr. Lida Sadr DDS - Dentist

3 reviews Rating

Virginia Beach, VA

"i highly recommend Dr Sader to fall my friends and family .She is kind, informative, fast, very professional, really OUTSTANDING work. So grateful to have her"

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Dr. Vladimir Soyfer DDS - Dentist

12 reviews Rating

Fairfax, VA

"Excellent clinician. Extremely compassionate with clients, and truly cares about the client's health and well-being. Highly skilled dentist/oral surgeon. Highly recommend."

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Dr. Leonard Jones DDS - Dentist

11 reviews Rating

Burke, VA

"I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Jones. He is simply the best. He is an excellent, down-to-earth, practical dentist and an honest and ethical man. He never recommends unnecessary procedures and instead focuses on preventive dentistry. I trust that if Dr. Jones ..."

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Dr. Isam Estwani DR. - Dentist

8 reviews Rating

Herndon, VA

"Dr Estwani is one of the finest dentist in the DMV area. We have been going to him for past 15 years now. His pricing is very reasonable and office is equipped with all modern state of the art equipments. ..."

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Dr. Ronald Kondoff DDS - Dentist

6 reviews Rating

Virginia Beach, VA

"I have been going to Dr. Kondoff since I was a kid and he has been nothing but great. I have had cavities filled and cleanings and iI have never had ANY problems. Everyone has always commented on my teeth ..."

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Dr. Daniel Cassidy DDS - Dentist

11 reviews Rating

Alexandria, VA

"I had a terrible experience with this dentist. I went to this office for whitening and to get ONE tooth fixed. However, I was told that in order to do so, I should have a thorough exam, x-rays taken, cavities ..."

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Dr. Tanya Brown DMD - Dentist

10 reviews Rating

Chesapeake, VA

"Dr Brown and her staff are phenomenal. Seriously, you can't go wrong seeking their care. Personable, professional, knowledgeable, top line all the way. They even took the time to address my fears and call to check on me afterward. I ..."

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