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Dr. Dickson Mcguire DDS - Endodontist

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Austin, TX

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First of all, as everyone is saying - getting any dental work is scary. Mention a root canal and people freak out, I know because I did. The parking was a little confusing but when you put your common sense to work, it's not too bad. If you park in the parking garage behind the office you grab a ticket and take it inside with you, they will validate the parking ticket and i'm not sure if it makes it cheaper or free. I didn't have any cash on me so I parked in the parking garage next door (free). Got to the office, filled out my paperwork (which can be done before hand.) And was called back within 5 minutes. Rebecca was the assistant that was helping with my procedure and she was FANTASTIC! We talked and that alone helped me relax, she then set up my iPod with her surround sound headphones, when the doctor came in he was so nice and joking with me which put me even more at ease. You have the option for Nitric Oxide, which just helps you relax even more! Dr. McGuire numbs you up, waits a little bit and then gets to work. You can still hear the drilling but not as much if you didn't have the headphones. I fell asleep during my procedure, which i couldn't believe! I would recommend this team, hands down! They are amazing!
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